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Galleons Green is an independent publisher. We are based in Suffolk, England and primarily work with authors who have largely completed their manuscript, or whose work has reached an advanced stage.


We are on the look out for authors who have an appealing writing style, a well structured manuscript and who have a first class command of their subject area.


We like books with a target audience in mind. This might be a topical thriller, an academic or professional book, or a specialist book which would be of interest to a niche audience.


If you would like us to consider your manuscript, please see our submissions page.

Publishers of Books and eBooks

Our Books


Our books are published in large and trade paperback formats. We use printers based in the UK and the USA, and make use of both litho and digital printing solutions.


Our books are available for purchase through book shops and on-line retailers.


Our eBooks


Our eBooks are competitively priced as we see that this growing on-line market offers great opportunities, but that readers of eBooks want real value for money. So in most instances our eBooks cost less than the price of a cup of coffee!


We have developed eBooktumble which gives readers of our eBooks, with access to the web, an enhanced reading experience. eBooktumble provides links to a growing number of informative and entertaining video clips, pictures and text documents for each eBook. Readers are encouraged (with a monthly prize) to email us suggested web links which can be added to eBooktumble.


Our eBooks are available in the most popular eBook formats (for example: .epub, .mobi .pdf, .prc and .azw). So the likelihood is, what ever eReader you have, you will be able to read our eBooks.


We have entered into a number of eBook distribution contracts so that our eBooks are available for sale and and can be downloaded around the world.


Libraries as far afield as California and Queensland, Australia have purchased our eBooks.