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Latent Hazard
Latent Hazard - on the edge

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Latent Hazard - on the edge
Hidden Jeopardy
Annuity REITs

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Themes of our Books and eBooks



Our main focus is on crime thrillers, action and adventure, politics, mystery, romance and suspense novels. We look forward to working with both new and best selling authors.


Latent Hazard, for example, is about a terrorist conspiracy, political intrigue and spin, and the risks we face through energy shortages and the impact of nuclear power. The main protagonists are a secular Muslim, Rafi Khan, who is linked to a bombing in the City of London and a detective inspector, Kate Adams, who specialises in financial and economic fraud. MI5 and the City of London police have to unravel what a wealthy terrorist group have planned for the British economy and how they are going to make a killing by crashing the financial markets.


Latent Hazard: on the edge, is a streamlined version in which the financial elements of Latent Hazard (clandestine corporate structures, derivatives, matters relating to the stock markets, etc) have been simplified.


Hidden Jeopardy, is a sequel to Latent Hazard and is set in Continental Europe. Detective Inspector Kate Adams finds herself at the centre of a diplomatic row as her investigations move in on a conspiracy relating to new natural gas supply contracts with Russia. Senior diplomats and European Union politicians scramble to stop damaging facts from coming into the public domain. With Kate missing can Rafi Khan, without the support of the British secret service, find her and unravel what is really going on?


Our forthcoming fiction books and eBooks will predominantly follow the theme of crime thrillers set in a topical / exciting environment.


Professional Books and eBooks

Finance,  investment, risk analysis, companies, businesses and property (real estate) are our main themes. Our first three professional books / eBooks are on:


Social housing and how key workers can benefit from the introduction of an indexhold property ownership structure. The funding of indexholds is considered and proposals are put forward which provide the indexhold owners and the owners of the reversionary freehold interest with cost effective solutions. The social implications of providing desirable and well located housing for key workers from both the public and private sectors are considered, as are the advantages of providing those from poorer backgrounds with a cost effective route up the housing ladder.


Public sector structures are considered and proposals are made for the introduction of not-for-profit corporations with custodianholders (instead of shareholders). This book looks at the benefits from adopting such a structure, in terms of efficiency and the ability to deliver accountable public services.


The role of property (real estate investment trusts and mortgage REITs) in financing Government and pension scheme deficits is the theme of our third book. And this is advanced to consider how REITs and mortgage REITs can beneficially be used as an alternative to annuities.


Enhanced Reading Experience

Through our eBookTumble web site our authors are able to provide readers with background information and on-line materials relevant to their book/eBook.

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